mne.grow_labels(subject, seeds, extents, hemis, subjects_dir=None, n_jobs=1, overlap=True, names=None, surface='white')

Generate circular labels in source space with region growing

This function generates a number of labels in source space by growing regions starting from the vertices defined in “seeds”. For each seed, a label is generated containing all vertices within a maximum geodesic distance on the white matter surface from the seed.

Note: “extents” and “hemis” can either be arrays with the same length as
seeds, which allows using a different extent and hemisphere for each label, or integers, in which case the same extent and hemisphere is used for each label.

subject : string

Name of the subject as in SUBJECTS_DIR.

seeds : int | list

Seed, or list of seeds. Each seed can be either a vertex number or a list of vertex numbers.

extents : array | float

Extents (radius in mm) of the labels.

hemis : array | int

Hemispheres to use for the labels (0: left, 1: right).

subjects_dir : string

Path to SUBJECTS_DIR if not set in the environment.

n_jobs : int

Number of jobs to run in parallel. Likely only useful if tens or hundreds of labels are being expanded simultaneously. Does not apply with overlap=False.

overlap : bool

Produce overlapping labels. If True (default), the resulting labels can be overlapping. If False, each label will be grown one step at a time, and occupied territory will not be invaded.

names : None | list of str

Assign names to the new labels (list needs to have the same length as seeds).

surface : string

The surface used to grow the labels, defaults to the white surface.


labels : list of Label

The labels’ comment attribute contains information on the seed vertex and extent; the values attribute contains distance from the seed in millimeters