mne.gui.coregistration(tabbed=False, split=True, scene_width=1, inst=None, subject=None, subjects_dir=None)

Coregister an MRI with a subject’s head shape


tabbed : bool

Combine the data source panel and the coregistration panel into a single panel with tabs.

split : bool

Split the main panels with a movable splitter (good for QT4 but unnecessary for wx backend).

scene_width : int

Specify a minimum width for the 3d scene (in pixels).

inst : None | str

Path to an instance file containing the digitizer data. Compatible for Raw, Epochs, and Evoked files.

subject : None | str

Name of the mri subject.

subjects_dir : None | path

Override the SUBJECTS_DIR environment variable (sys.environ[‘SUBJECTS_DIR’])


All parameters are optional, since they can be set through the GUI. Step by step instructions for the coregistrations can be accessed as slides, for subjects with structural MRI and for subjects for which no MRI is available.