, montage=None, preload=False, eog=(), verbose=None)

Read an EEGLAB .set file


input_fname : str

Path to the .set file. If the data is stored in a separate .fdt file, it is expected to be in the same folder as the .set file.

montage : str | None | instance of montage

Path or instance of montage containing electrode positions. If None, sensor locations are (0,0,0). See the documentation of mne.channels.read_montage() for more information.

preload : bool or str (default False)

Preload data into memory for data manipulation and faster indexing. If True, the data will be preloaded into memory (fast, requires large amount of memory). If preload is a string, preload is the file name of a memory-mapped file which is used to store the data on the hard drive (slower, requires less memory). Note that preload=False will be effective only if the data is stored in a separate binary file.

eog : list | tuple | ‘auto’

Names or indices of channels that should be designated EOG channels. If ‘auto’, the channel names containing EOG or EYE are used. Defaults to empty tuple.

verbose : bool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose).


raw : Instance of RawEEGLAB

A Raw object containing EEGLAB .set data.

See also
Documentation of attribute and methods.


New in version 0.11.0.