mne.pick_types(info, meg=True, eeg=False, stim=False, eog=False, ecg=False, emg=False, ref_meg='auto', misc=False, resp=False, chpi=False, exci=False, ias=False, syst=False, seeg=False, include=[], exclude='bads', selection=None)

Pick channels by type and names


info : dict

The measurement info.

meg : bool or string

If True include all MEG channels. If False include None If string it can be ‘mag’, ‘grad’, ‘planar1’ or ‘planar2’ to select only magnetometers, all gradiometers, or a specific type of gradiometer.

eeg : bool

If True include EEG channels.

stim : bool

If True include stimulus channels.

eog : bool

If True include EOG channels.

ecg : bool

If True include ECG channels.

emg : bool

If True include EMG channels.

ref_meg: bool | str :

If True include CTF / 4D reference channels. If ‘auto’, the reference channels are only included if compensations are present. Can also be the string options from meg.

misc : bool

If True include miscellaneous analog channels.

resp : bool

If True include response-trigger channel. For some MEG systems this is separate from the stim channel.

chpi : bool

If True include continuous HPI coil channels.

exci : bool

Flux excitation channel used to be a stimulus channel.

ias : bool

Internal Active Shielding data (maybe on Triux only).

syst : bool

System status channel information (on Triux systems only).

seeg : bool

Stereotactic EEG channels

include : list of string

List of additional channels to include. If empty do not include any.

exclude : list of string | str

List of channels to exclude. If ‘bads’ (default), exclude channels in info[‘bads’].

selection : list of string

Restrict sensor channels (MEG, EEG) to this list of channel names.


sel : array of int

Indices of good channels.