mne.read_selection(name, fname=None, verbose=None)

Read channel selection from file

By default, the selections used in mne_browse_raw are supported*. Additional selections can be added by specifying a selection file (e.g. produced using mne_browse_raw) using the fname parameter.

The name parameter can be a string or a list of string. The returned selection will be the combination of all selections in the file where (at least) one element in name is a substring of the selection name in the file. For example, “name = [‘temporal’, ‘Right-frontal’]” will produce a comination of “Left-temporal”, “Right-temporal”, and “Right-frontal”.

The included selections are:

  • Vertex
  • Left-temporal
  • Right-temporal
  • Left-parietal
  • Right-parietal
  • Left-occipital
  • Right-occipital
  • Left-frontal
  • Right-frontal

name : string or list of string

Name of the selection. If is a list, the selections are combined.

fname : string

Filename of the selection file (if None, built-in selections are used).

verbose : bool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose).


sel : list of string

List with channel names in the selection.