mne.vertex_to_mni(vertices, hemis, subject, subjects_dir=None, mode=None, verbose=None)

Convert the array of vertices for a hemisphere to MNI coordinates


vertices : int, or list of int

Vertex number(s) to convert

hemis : int, or list of int

Hemisphere(s) the vertices belong to

subject : string

Name of the subject to load surfaces from.

subjects_dir : string, or None

Path to SUBJECTS_DIR if it is not set in the environment.

mode : string | None

Either ‘nibabel’ or ‘freesurfer’ for the software to use to obtain the transforms. If None, ‘nibabel’ is tried first, falling back to ‘freesurfer’ if it fails. Results should be equivalent with either option, but nibabel may be quicker (and more pythonic).

verbose : bool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose).


coordinates : n_vertices x 3 array of float

The MNI coordinates (in mm) of the vertices


This function requires either nibabel (in Python) or Freesurfer (with utility “mri_info”) to be correctly installed.