mne.channels.generate_2d_layout(xy, w=0.07, h=0.05, pad=0.02, ch_names=None, ch_indices=None, name='ecog', bg_image=None)

Generate a custom 2D layout from xy points.

Generates a 2-D layout for plotting with plot_topo methods and functions. XY points will be normalized between 0 and 1, where normalization extremes will be either the min/max of xy, or the width/height of bg_image.


xy : ndarray (N x 2)

The xy coordinates of sensor locations.

w : float

The width of each sensor’s axis (between 0 and 1)

h : float

The height of each sensor’s axis (between 0 and 1)

pad : float

Portion of the box to reserve for padding. The value can range between 0.0 (boxes will touch, default) to 1.0 (boxes consist of only padding).

ch_names : list

The names of each channel. Must be a list of strings, with one string per channel.

ch_indices : list

Index of each channel - must be a collection of unique integers, one index per channel.

name : string

The name of this layout type.

bg_image : str | ndarray

The image over which sensor axes will be plotted. Either a path to an image file, or an array that can be plotted with plt.imshow. If provided, xy points will be normalized by the width/height of this image. If not, xy points will be normalized by their own min/max.


layout : Layout

A Layout object that can be plotted with plot_topo functions and methods.


New in version 0.9.0.