mne.compute_proj_raw(raw, start=0, stop=None, duration=1, n_grad=2, n_mag=2, n_eeg=0, reject=None, flat=None, n_jobs=1, verbose=None)

Compute SSP (spatial space projection) vectors on Raw


raw : instance of Raw

A raw object to use the data from.

start : float

Time (in sec) to start computing SSP.

stop : float

Time (in sec) to stop computing SSP. None will go to the end of the file.

duration : float

Duration (in sec) to chunk data into for SSP If duration is None, data will not be chunked.

n_grad : int

Number of vectors for gradiometers.

n_mag : int

Number of vectors for magnetometers.

n_eeg : int

Number of vectors for EEG channels.

reject : dict | None

Epoch rejection configuration (see Epochs).

flat : dict | None

Epoch flat configuration (see Epochs).

n_jobs : int

Number of jobs to use to compute covariance.

verbose : bool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose).


projs: list

List of projection vectors