mne.event.define_target_events(events, reference_id, target_id, sfreq, tmin, tmax, new_id=None, fill_na=None)

Define new events by co-occurrence of existing events

This function can be used to evaluate events depending on the temporal lag to another event. For example, this can be used to analyze evoked responses which were followed by a button press within a defined time window.


events : ndarray

Array as returned by mne.find_events.

reference_id : int

The reference event. The event defining the epoch of interest.

target_id : int

The target event. The event co-occurring in within a certain time window around the reference event.

sfreq : float

The sampling frequency of the data.

tmin : float

The lower limit in seconds from the target event.

tmax : float

The upper limit border in seconds from the target event.

new_id : int

new_id for the new event

fill_na : int | None

Fill event to be inserted if target is not available within the time window specified. If None, the ‘null’ events will be dropped.


new_events : ndarray

The new defined events

lag : ndarray

time lag between reference and target in milliseconds.

Examples using mne.event.define_target_events