mne.gui.coregistration(tabbed=False, split=True, scene_width=500, inst=None, subject=None, subjects_dir=None)

Coregister an MRI with a subject’s head shape

The recommended way to use the GUI is through bash with:

$ mne coreg

tabbed : bool

Combine the data source panel and the coregistration panel into a single panel with tabs.

split : bool

Split the main panels with a movable splitter (good for QT4 but unnecessary for wx backend).

scene_width : int

Specify a minimum width for the 3d scene (in pixels).

inst : None | str

Path to an instance file containing the digitizer data. Compatible for Raw, Epochs, and Evoked files.

subject : None | str

Name of the mri subject.

subjects_dir : None | path

Override the SUBJECTS_DIR environment variable (sys.environ[‘SUBJECTS_DIR’])


Step by step instructions for the coregistrations can be accessed as slides, for subjects with structural MRI and for subjects for which no MRI is available.