, montage=None, eog=('HEOGL', 'HEOGR', 'VEOGb'), misc='auto', scale=1.0, preload=False, response_trig_shift=0, event_id=None, verbose=None)

Reader for Brain Vision EEG file


vhdr_fname : str

Path to the EEG header file.

montage : str | None | instance of Montage

Path or instance of montage containing electrode positions. If None, sensor locations are (0,0,0). See the documentation of mne.channels.read_montage() for more information.

eog : list or tuple of str

Names of channels or list of indices that should be designated EOG channels. Values should correspond to the vhdr file Default is ('HEOGL', 'HEOGR', 'VEOGb').

misc : list or tuple of str | ‘auto’

Names of channels or list of indices that should be designated MISC channels. Values should correspond to the electrodes in the vhdr file. If ‘auto’, units in vhdr file are used for inferring misc channels. Default is 'auto'.

scale : float

The scaling factor for EEG data. Unless specified otherwise by header file, units are in microvolts. Default scale factor is 1.

preload : bool

If True, all data are loaded at initialization. If False, data are not read until save.

response_trig_shift : int | None

An integer that will be added to all response triggers when reading events (stimulus triggers will be unaffected). If None, response triggers will be ignored. Default is 0 for backwards compatibility, but typically another value or None will be necessary.

event_id : dict | None

The id of special events to consider in addition to those that follow the normal Brainvision trigger format (‘S###’). If dict, the keys will be mapped to trigger values on the stimulus channel. Example: {‘SyncStatus’: 1; ‘Pulse Artifact’: 3}. If None or an empty dict (default), only stimulus events are added to the stimulus channel. Keys are case sensitive.

verbose : bool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose).


raw : instance of RawBrainVision

A Raw object containing BrainVision data.

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