mne.pick_types_forward(orig, meg=True, eeg=False, ref_meg=True, seeg=False, ecog=False, include=[], exclude=[])

Pick by channel type and names from a forward operator


orig : dict

A forward solution

meg : bool or string

If True include all MEG channels. If False include None If string it can be ‘mag’ or ‘grad’ to select only gradiometers or magnetometers.

eeg : bool

If True include EEG channels

ref_meg : bool

If True include CTF / 4D reference channels

seeg : bool

If True include stereotactic EEG channels

ecog : bool

If True include electrocorticography channels

include : list of string

List of additional channels to include. If empty do not include any.

exclude : list of string | str

List of channels to exclude. If empty do not exclude any (default). If ‘bads’, exclude channels in orig[‘info’][‘bads’].


res : dict

Forward solution restricted to selected channel types.