mne.save_stc_as_volume(fname, stc, src, dest='mri', mri_resolution=False)

Save a volume source estimate in a nifti file


fname : string | None

The name of the generated nifti file. If None, the image is only returned and not saved.

stc : instance of VolSourceEstimate

The source estimate

src : list

The list of source spaces (should actually be of length 1)

dest : ‘mri’ | ‘surf’

If ‘mri’ the volume is defined in the coordinate system of the original T1 image. If ‘surf’ the coordinate system of the FreeSurfer surface is used (Surface RAS).

mri_resolution: bool

It True the image is saved in MRI resolution. WARNING: if you have many time points the file produced can be huge.


img : instance Nifti1Image

The image object.