mne.viz.add_background_image(fig, im, set_ratios=None)

Add a background image to a plot.

Adds the image specified in im to the figure fig. This is generally meant to be done with topo plots, though it could work for any plot.

Note: This modifies the figure and/or axes in place.


fig : plt.figure

The figure you wish to add a bg image to.

im : array, shape (M, N, {3, 4})

A background image for the figure. This must be a valid input to matplotlib.pyplot.imshow. Defaults to None.

set_ratios : None | str

Set the aspect ratio of any axes in fig to the value in set_ratios. Defaults to None, which does nothing to axes.


ax_im : instance of the created matplotlib axis object

corresponding to the image you added.


New in version 0.9.0.