mne.viz.plot_dipole_locations(dipoles, trans, subject, subjects_dir=None, bgcolor=(1, 1, 1), opacity=0.3, brain_color=(1, 1, 0), fig_name=None, fig_size=(600, 600), mode='cone', scale_factor=0.01, colors=None, verbose=None)

Plot dipole locations

Only the location of the first time point of each dipole is shown.


dipoles : list of instances of Dipole | Dipole

The dipoles to plot.

trans : dict

The mri to head trans.

subject : str

The subject name corresponding to FreeSurfer environment variable SUBJECT.

subjects_dir : None | str

The path to the freesurfer subjects reconstructions. It corresponds to Freesurfer environment variable SUBJECTS_DIR. The default is None.

bgcolor : tuple of length 3

Background color in 3D.

opacity : float in [0, 1]

Opacity of brain mesh.

brain_color : tuple of length 3

Brain color.

fig_name : str

Mayavi figure name.

fig_size : tuple of length 2

Mayavi figure size.

mode : str

Should be 'cone' or 'sphere' to specify how the dipoles should be shown.

scale_factor : float

The scaling applied to amplitudes for the plot.

colors: list of colors | None

Color to plot with each dipole. If None default colors are used.

verbose : bool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose).


fig : instance of mlab.Figure

The mayavi figure.


New in version 0.9.0.

Examples using mne.viz.plot_dipole_locations