mne.viz.plot_evoked_image(evoked, picks=None, exclude='bads', unit=True, show=True, clim=None, xlim='tight', proj=False, units=None, scalings=None, titles=None, axes=None, cmap='RdBu_r')

Plot evoked data as images


evoked : instance of Evoked

The evoked data

picks : array-like of int | None

The indices of channels to plot. If None show all.

exclude : list of str | ‘bads’

Channels names to exclude from being shown. If ‘bads’, the bad channels are excluded.

unit : bool

Scale plot with channel (SI) unit.

show : bool

Show figure if True.

clim : dict | None

clim for plots (after scaling has been applied). e.g. clim = dict(eeg=[-20, 20]) Valid keys are eeg, mag, grad, misc. If None, the clim parameter for each channel equals the pyplot default.

xlim : ‘tight’ | tuple | None

xlim for plots.

proj : bool | ‘interactive’

If true SSP projections are applied before display. If ‘interactive’, a check box for reversible selection of SSP projection vectors will be shown.

units : dict | None

The units of the channel types used for axes lables. If None, defaults to dict(eeg=’uV’, grad=’fT/cm’, mag=’fT’).

scalings : dict | None

The scalings of the channel types to be applied for plotting. If None,` defaults to dict(eeg=1e6, grad=1e13, mag=1e15).

titles : dict | None

The titles associated with the channels. If None, defaults to dict(eeg=’EEG’, grad=’Gradiometers’, mag=’Magnetometers’).

axes : instance of Axis | list | None

The axes to plot to. If list, the list must be a list of Axes of the same length as the number of channel types. If instance of Axes, there must be only one channel type plotted.

cmap : matplotlib colormap | (colormap, bool) | ‘interactive’

Colormap. If tuple, the first value indicates the colormap to use and the second value is a boolean defining interactivity. In interactive mode the colors are adjustable by clicking and dragging the colorbar with left and right mouse button. Left mouse button moves the scale up and down and right mouse button adjusts the range. Hitting space bar resets the scale. Up and down arrows can be used to change the colormap. If ‘interactive’, translates to (‘RdBu_r’, True). Defaults to ‘RdBu_r’.


fig : instance of matplotlib.figure.Figure

Figure containing the images.