mne.viz.plot_evoked_topo(evoked, layout=None, layout_scale=0.945, color=None, border='none', ylim=None, scalings=None, title=None, proj=False, vline=[0.0], fig_facecolor='k', fig_background=None, axis_facecolor='k', font_color='w', merge_grads=False, show=True)

Plot 2D topography of evoked responses.

Clicking on the plot of an individual sensor opens a new figure showing the evoked response for the selected sensor.


evoked : list of Evoked | Evoked

The evoked response to plot.

layout : instance of Layout | None

Layout instance specifying sensor positions (does not need to be specified for Neuromag data). If possible, the correct layout is inferred from the data.

layout_scale: float

Scaling factor for adjusting the relative size of the layout on the canvas

color : list of color objects | color object | None

Everything matplotlib accepts to specify colors. If not list-like, the color specified will be repeated. If None, colors are automatically drawn.

border : str

matplotlib borders style to be used for each sensor plot.

ylim : dict | None

ylim for plots (after scaling has been applied). The value determines the upper and lower subplot limits. e.g. ylim = dict(eeg=[-20, 20]). Valid keys are eeg, mag, grad, misc. If None, the ylim parameter for each channel is determined by the maximum absolute peak.

scalings : dict | None

The scalings of the channel types to be applied for plotting. If None,` defaults to dict(eeg=1e6, grad=1e13, mag=1e15).

title : str

Title of the figure.

proj : bool | ‘interactive’

If true SSP projections are applied before display. If ‘interactive’, a check box for reversible selection of SSP projection vectors will be shown.

vline : list of floats | None

The values at which to show a vertical line.

fig_facecolor : str | obj

The figure face color. Defaults to black.

fig_background : None | numpy ndarray

A background image for the figure. This must work with a call to plt.imshow. Defaults to None.

axis_facecolor : str | obj

The face color to be used for each sensor plot. Defaults to black.

font_color : str | obj

The color of text in the colorbar and title. Defaults to white.

merge_grads : bool

Whether to use RMS value of gradiometer pairs. Only works for Neuromag data. Defaults to False.

show : bool

Show figure if True.


fig : instance of matplotlib.figure.Figure

Images of evoked responses at sensor locations