mne.viz.plot_ica_overlay(ica, inst, exclude=None, picks=None, start=None, stop=None, title=None, show=True)

Overlay of raw and cleaned signals given the unmixing matrix.

This method helps visualizing signal quality and artifact rejection.


ica : instance of mne.preprocessing.ICA

The ICA object.

inst : instance of or mne.Evoked

The signals to be compared given the ICA solution. If Raw input, The raw data are displayed before and after cleaning. In a second panel the cross channel average will be displayed. Since dipolar sources will be canceled out this display is sensitive to artifacts. If evoked input, butterfly plots for clean and raw signals will be superimposed.

exclude : array_like of int

The components marked for exclusion. If None (default), ICA.exclude will be used.

picks : array-like of int | None (default)

Indices of channels to include (if None, all channels are used that were included on fitting).

start : int

X-axis start index. If None from the beginning.

stop : int

X-axis stop index. If None to the end.

title : str

The figure title.

show : bool

Show figure if True.


fig : instance of pyplot.Figure

The figure.