mne.viz.plot_sensors(info, kind='topomap', ch_type=None, title=None, show_names=False, ch_groups=None, axes=None, block=False, show=True)

Plot sensors positions.


info : Instance of Info

Info structure containing the channel locations.

kind : str

Whether to plot the sensors as 3d, topomap or as an interactive sensor selection dialog. Available options ‘topomap’, ‘3d’, ‘select’. If ‘select’, a set of channels can be selected interactively by using lasso selector or clicking while holding control key. The selected channels are returned along with the figure instance. Defaults to ‘topomap’.

ch_type : None | str

The channel type to plot. Available options ‘mag’, ‘grad’, ‘eeg’, ‘seeg’, ‘ecog’, ‘all’. If 'all', all the available mag, grad, eeg, seeg and ecog channels are plotted. If None (default), then channels are chosen in the order given above.

title : str | None

Title for the figure. If None (default), equals to 'Sensor positions (%s)' % ch_type.

show_names : bool

Whether to display all channel names. Defaults to False.

ch_groups : ‘position’ | array of shape (ch_groups, picks) | None

Channel groups for coloring the sensors. If None (default), default coloring scheme is used. If ‘position’, the sensors are divided into 8 regions. See order kwarg of mne.viz.plot_raw(). If array, the channels are divided by picks given in the array.

New in version 0.13.0.

axes : instance of Axes | instance of Axes3D | None

Axes to draw the sensors to. If kind='3d', axes must be an instance of Axes3D. If None (default), a new axes will be created.

New in version 0.13.0.

block : bool

Whether to halt program execution until the figure is closed. Defaults to False.

New in version 0.13.0.

show : bool

Show figure if True. Defaults to True.


fig : instance of matplotlib figure

Figure containing the sensor topography.

selection : list

A list of selected channels. Only returned if kind=='select'.


This function plots the sensor locations from the info structure using matplotlib. For drawing the sensors using mayavi see mne.viz.plot_trans().

New in version 0.12.0.