Plot a cortical parcellation

In this example, we download the HCP-MMP1.0 parcellation [1] and show it on fsaverage.


The HCP-MMP dataset has license terms restricting its use. Of particular relevance:

“I will acknowledge the use of WU-Minn HCP data and data derived from WU-Minn HCP data when publicly presenting any results or algorithms that benefitted from their use.”


[1]Glasser MF et al. (2016) A multi-modal parcellation of human cerebral cortex. Nature 536:171-178.


Reading labels from parcellation..
   read 181 labels from /home/ubuntu/mne_data/MNE-sample-data/subjects/fsaverage/label/lh.HCPMMP1.annot

# Author: Eric Larson <>
# License: BSD (3-clause)

from surfer import Brain

import mne

subjects_dir = mne.datasets.sample.data_path() + '/subjects'
labels = mne.read_labels_from_annot(
    'fsaverage', 'HCPMMP1', 'lh', subjects_dir=subjects_dir)

brain = Brain('fsaverage', 'lh', 'inflated', subjects_dir=subjects_dir,
              cortex='low_contrast', background='white', size=(800, 600))
aud_label = [label for label in labels if == 'L_A1_ROI-lh'][0]
brain.add_label(aud_label, borders=False)

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