mne.preprocessing.compute_proj_eog(raw, raw_event=None, tmin=-0.2, tmax=0.2, n_grad=2, n_mag=2, n_eeg=2, l_freq=1.0, h_freq=35.0, average=False, filter_length=‘10s’, n_jobs=1, reject={‘eog’: inf, ’grad’: 2e-10, ’mag’: 3e-12}, flat=None, bads=[], avg_ref=False, no_proj=False, event_id=998, eog_l_freq=1, eog_h_freq=10, tstart=0.0, filter_method=’fft’, iir_params=None, ch_name=None, copy=True, verbose=None)[source]

Compute SSP/PCA projections for EOG artifacts.


raw data must be preloaded.


raw :

Raw input file.

raw_event : or None

Raw file to use for event detection (if None, raw is used).

tmin : float

Time before event in seconds.

tmax : float

Time after event in seconds.

n_grad : int

Number of SSP vectors for gradiometers.

n_mag : int

Number of SSP vectors for magnetometers.

n_eeg : int

Number of SSP vectors for EEG.

l_freq : float | None

Filter low cut-off frequency in Hz.

h_freq : float | None

Filter high cut-off frequency in Hz.

average : bool

Compute SSP after averaging.

filter_length : str | int | None

Number of taps to use for filtering.

n_jobs : int

Number of jobs to run in parallel.

reject : dict | None

Epoch rejection configuration (see Epochs).

flat : dict | None

Epoch flat configuration (see Epochs).

bads : list

List with (additional) bad channels.

avg_ref : bool

Add EEG average reference proj.

no_proj : bool

Exclude the SSP projectors currently in the fiff file.

event_id : int

ID to use for events.

eog_l_freq : float

Low pass frequency applied for filtering E0G channel.

eog_h_freq : float

High pass frequency applied for filtering E0G channel.

tstart : float

Start artifact detection after tstart seconds.

filter_method : str

Method for filtering (‘iir’ or ‘fft’).

iir_params : dict | None

Dictionary of parameters to use for IIR filtering. See mne.filter.construct_iir_filter for details. If iir_params is None and method=”iir”, 4th order Butterworth will be used.

ch_name: str | None

If not None, specify EOG channel name.

copy : bool

If False, filtering raw data is done in place. Defaults to True.

verbose : bool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose() and Logging documentation for more).


proj: list

Computed SSP projectors.

eog_events: ndarray

Detected EOG events.

Examples using mne.preprocessing.compute_proj_eog