mne.stats.f_threshold_mway_rm(n_subjects, factor_levels, effects=’A*B’, pvalue=0.05)[source]

Compute f-value thesholds for a two-way ANOVA.


n_subjects : int

The number of subjects to be analyzed.

factor_levels : list-like

The number of levels per factor.

effects : str

A string denoting the effect to be returned. The following mapping is currently supported:

  • 'A': main effect of A
  • 'B': main effect of B
  • 'A:B': interaction effect
  • 'A+B': both main effects
  • 'A*B': all three effects

pvalue : float

The p-value to be thresholded.


f_threshold : list | float

list of f-values for each effect if the number of effects requested > 2, else float.

See also

f_oneway, f_mway_rm


New in version 0.10.