mne.pick_types(info, meg=True, eeg=False, stim=False, eog=False, ecg=False, emg=False, ref_meg='auto', misc=False, resp=False, chpi=False, exci=False, ias=False, syst=False, seeg=False, dipole=False, gof=False, bio=False, ecog=False, fnirs=False, include=(), exclude='bads', selection=None)[source]

Pick channels by type and names.

info : dict

The measurement info.

meg : bool | str

If True include all MEG channels. If False include None If string it can be ‘mag’, ‘grad’, ‘planar1’ or ‘planar2’ to select only magnetometers, all gradiometers, or a specific type of gradiometer.

eeg : bool

If True include EEG channels.

stim : bool

If True include stimulus channels.

eog : bool

If True include EOG channels.

ecg : bool

If True include ECG channels.

emg : bool

If True include EMG channels.

ref_meg: bool | str

If True include CTF / 4D reference channels. If ‘auto’, the reference channels are only included if compensations are present. Can also be the string options from meg.

misc : bool

If True include miscellaneous analog channels.

resp : bool

If True include response-trigger channel. For some MEG systems this is separate from the stim channel.

chpi : bool

If True include continuous HPI coil channels.

exci : bool

Flux excitation channel used to be a stimulus channel.

ias : bool

Internal Active Shielding data (maybe on Triux only).

syst : bool

System status channel information (on Triux systems only).

seeg : bool

Stereotactic EEG channels.

dipole : bool

Dipole time course channels.

gof : bool

Dipole goodness of fit channels.

bio : bool

Bio channels.

ecog : bool

Electrocorticography channels.

fnirs : bool | str

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy channels. If True include all fNIRS channels. If False (default) include none. If string it can be ‘hbo’ (to include channels measuring oxyhemoglobin) or ‘hbr’ (to include channels measuring deoxyhemoglobin).

include : list of string

List of additional channels to include. If empty do not include any.

exclude : list of string | str

List of channels to exclude. If ‘bads’ (default), exclude channels in info['bads'].

selection : list of string

Restrict sensor channels (MEG, EEG) to this list of channel names.

sel : array of int

Indices of good channels.

Examples using mne.pick_types