mne.stats.summarize_clusters_stc(clu, p_thresh=0.05, tstep=0.001, tmin=0, subject='fsaverage', vertices=None)[source]

Assemble summary SourceEstimate from spatiotemporal cluster results.

This helps visualizing results from spatio-temporal-clustering permutation tests.

clu : tuple

the output from clustering permutation tests.

p_thresh : float

The significance threshold for inclusion of clusters.

tstep : float

The temporal difference between two time samples.

tmin : float | int

The time of the first sample.

subject : str

The name of the subject.

vertices : list of arrays | None

The vertex numbers associated with the source space locations. Defaults to None. If None, equals `[np.arange(10242), np.arange(10242)]`.

out : instance of SourceEstimate

A summary of the clusters. The first time point in this SourceEstimate object is the summation of all the clusters. Subsequent time points contain each individual cluster. The magnitude of the activity corresponds to the length the cluster spans in time (in samples).