To get started with MNE, visit the installation instructions for the MNE. You can optionally also install MNE-C:

Historical notes

MNE started as tool written in C by Matti Hämäläinen while at MGH in Boston.

  • MNE-C is Matti’s C code. Historically, MNE was a software package for computing cortically constrained Minimum Norm Estimates from MEG and EEG data.
  • The MNE python module was built in the Python programming language to reimplement all MNE-C’s functionality, offer transparent scripting, and extend MNE-C’s functionality considerably (see left). Thus it is the primary focus of this documentation.
  • MNE-MATLAB toolbox is available mostly to allow reading and writing FIF files.
  • MNE with CPP aims to provide modular and open-source tools for real-time acquisition, visualization, and analysis. It provides a separate website for documentation and releases.

The MNE tools are based on the FIF file format from Neuromag. However, MNE can read native CTF, BTI/4D, KIT and various EEG formats (see IO functions).

If you have been using MNE-C, there is no need to convert your fif files to a new system or database – MNE works nicely with the historical fif files.