MEGSIM single trial simulation dataset

The MEGSIM consists of experimental and simulated MEG data which can be useful for reproducing research results.

The MEGSIM files will be dowloaded automatically.

The datasets are documented in: Aine CJ, Sanfratello L, Ranken D, Best E, MacArthur JA, Wallace T, Gilliam K, Donahue CH, Montano R, Bryant JE, Scott A, Stephen JM (2012) MEG-SIM: A Web Portal for Testing MEG Analysis Methods using Realistic Simulated and Empirical Data. Neuroinformatics 10:141-158

from mne import read_evokeds, combine_evoked
from mne.datasets.megsim import load_data


condition = 'visual'  # or 'auditory' or 'somatosensory'

# Load experimental RAW files for the visual condition
epochs_fnames = load_data(condition=condition, data_format='single-trial',
                          data_type='simulation', verbose=True)

# Take only 10 trials from the same simulation setup.
epochs_fnames = [f for f in epochs_fnames if 'sim6_trial_' in f][:10]

evokeds = [read_evokeds(f, verbose='error')[0] for f in epochs_fnames]
mean_evoked = combine_evoked(evokeds, weights='nave')

# Visualize the average

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