mne.channels.find_ch_adjacency(info, ch_type)[source]

Find the adjacency matrix for the given channels.

This function tries to infer the appropriate adjacency matrix template for the given channels. If a template is not found, the adjacency matrix is computed using Delaunay triangulation based on 2d sensor locations.

infoinstance of Info

The measurement info.

ch_typestr | None

The channel type for computing the adjacency matrix. Currently supports ‘mag’, ‘grad’, ‘eeg’ and None. If None, the info must contain only one channel type.

ch_adjacencyscipy.sparse.csr_matrix, shape (n_channels, n_channels)

The adjacency matrix.


The list of channel names present in adjacency matrix.


New in version 0.15.

Automatic detection of an appropriate adjacency matrix template only works for MEG data at the moment. This means that the adjacency matrix is always computed for EEG data and never loaded from a template file. If you want to load a template for a given montage use read_ch_adjacency() directly.