mne.channels.make_1020_channel_selections(info, midline='z')[source]

Return dict mapping from ROI names to lists of picks for 10/20 setups.

This passes through all channel names, and uses a simple heuristic to separate channel names into three Region of Interest-based selections: Left, Midline and Right. The heuristic is that channels ending on any of the characters in midline are filed under that heading, otherwise those ending in odd numbers under “Left”, those in even numbers under “Right”. Other channels are ignored. This is appropriate for 10/20 files, but not for other channel naming conventions. If an info object is provided, lists are sorted from posterior to anterior.

infoinstance of Info

Where to obtain the channel names from. The picks will be in relation to the position in info["ch_names"]. If possible, this lists will be sorted by y value position of the channel locations, i.e., from back to front.


Names ending in any of these characters are stored under the Midline key. Defaults to ‘z’. Note that capitalization is ignored.


A dictionary mapping from ROI names to lists of picks (integers).