mne.channels.read_dig_polhemus_isotrak(fname, ch_names=None, unit='m')[source]

Read Polhemus digitizer data from a file.


The filepath of Polhemus ISOTrak formatted file. File extension is expected to be ‘.hsp’, ‘.elp’ or ‘.eeg’.

ch_namesNone | list of str

The names of the points. This will make the points considered as EEG channels. If None, channels will be assumed to be HPI if the extension is '.elp', and extra headshape points otherwise.

unit‘m’ | ‘cm’ | ‘mm’

Unit of the digitizer file. Polhemus ISOTrak systems data is usually exported in meters. Defaults to ‘m’.

montageinstance of DigMontage

The montage.

Examples using mne.channels.read_dig_polhemus_isotrak