mne.minimum_norm.resolution_metrics(resmat, src, function='psf', metric='peak_err', threshold=0.5, verbose=None)[source]

Compute spatial resolution metrics for linear solvers.

resmatarray, shape (n_orient * n_vertices, n_vertices)

The resolution matrix. If not a square matrix and if the number of rows is a multiple of number of columns (e.g. free or loose orientations), then the Euclidean length per source location is computed (e.g. if inverse operator with free orientations was applied to forward solution with fixed orientations).

srcinstance of SourceSpaces

Source space object from forward or inverse operator.

function‘psf’ | ‘ctf’

Whether to compute metrics for columns (point-spread functions, PSFs) or rows (cross-talk functions, CTFs) of the resolution matrix.


The resolution metric to compute. Allowed options are:

Localization-based metrics:

  • 'peak_err' Peak localization error (PLE), Euclidean distance between peak and true source location.

  • 'cog_err' Centre-of-gravity localisation error (CoG), Euclidean distance between CoG and true source location.

Spatial-extent-based metrics:

  • 'sd_ext' spatial deviation (e.g. [1,2]_).

  • 'maxrad_ext' maximum radius to 50% of max amplitude.

Amplitude-based metrics:

  • 'peak_amp' Ratio between absolute maximum amplitudes of peaks per

    location and maximum peak across locations.

  • 'sum_amp' Ratio between sums of absolute amplitudes.


Amplitude fraction threshold for spatial extent metric ‘maxrad_ext’. Defaults to 0.5.

verbosebool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose() and Logging documentation for more). If used, it should be passed as a keyword-argument only.

resolution_metricinstance of SourceEstimate

The resolution metric.


For details, see [1] [2].

New in version 0.20.



Molins A, Stufflebeam S M, Brown E N, Hämäläinen M S (2008). Quantification of the benefit from integrating MEG and EEG data in minimum l2-norm estimation. Neuroimage, 42(3):1069-77.


Hauk O, Stenroos M, Treder M (2019). “Towards an Objective Evaluation of EEG/MEG Source Estimation Methods: The Linear Tool Kit”, bioRxiv, doi: