mne.random_parcellation(subject, n_parcel, hemi, subjects_dir=None, surface='white', random_state=None)[source]

Generate random cortex parcellation by growing labels.

This function generates a number of labels which don’t intersect and cover the whole surface. Regions are growing around randomly chosen seeds.


Name of the subject as in SUBJECTS_DIR.


Total number of cortical parcels.


Hemisphere id (ie ‘lh’, ‘rh’, ‘both’). In the case of ‘both’, both hemispheres are processed with (n_parcel // 2) parcels per hemisphere.

subjects_dirstr | None

The path to the freesurfer subjects reconstructions. It corresponds to Freesurfer environment variable SUBJECTS_DIR.


The surface used to grow the labels, defaults to the white surface.

random_stateNone | int | instance of RandomState

If random_state is an int, it will be used as a seed for RandomState. If None, the seed will be obtained from the operating system (see RandomState for details). Default is None.

labelslist of Label

Random cortex parcellation.

Examples using mne.random_parcellation