mne.split_label(label, parts=2, subject=None, subjects_dir=None, freesurfer=False)[source]

Split a Label into two or more parts.

labelLabel | str

Label which is to be split (Label object or path to a label file).

partsint >= 2 | tuple of str

A sequence of strings specifying label names for the new labels (from posterior to anterior), or the number of new labels to create (default is 2). If a number is specified, names of the new labels will be the input label’s name with div1, div2 etc. appended.

subjectNone | str

Subject which this label belongs to (needed to locate surface file; should only be specified if it is not specified in the label).

subjects_dirstr | None

The path to the freesurfer subjects reconstructions. It corresponds to Freesurfer environment variable SUBJECTS_DIR.


By default (False) split_label uses an algorithm that is slightly optimized for performance and numerical precision. Set freesurfer to True in order to replicate label splits from FreeSurfer’s mris_divide_parcellation.

labelslist of Label, shape (n_parts,)

The labels, starting from the lowest to the highest end of the projection axis.


Works by finding the label’s principal eigen-axis on the spherical surface, projecting all label vertex coordinates onto this axis and dividing them at regular spatial intervals.

Examples using mne.split_label