mne.viz.plot_events(events, sfreq=None, first_samp=0, color=None, event_id=None, axes=None, equal_spacing=True, show=True, on_missing='raise', verbose=None)[source]

Plot events to get a visual display of the paradigm.

eventsarray, shape (n_events, 3)

The events.

sfreqfloat | None

The sample frequency. If None, data will be displayed in samples (not seconds).


The index of the first sample. Recordings made on Neuromag systems number samples relative to the system start (not relative to the beginning of the recording). In such cases the raw.first_samp attribute can be passed here. Default is 0.

colordict | None

Dictionary of event_id integers as keys and colors as values. If None, colors are automatically drawn from a default list (cycled through if number of events longer than list of default colors). Color can be any valid matplotlib color.

event_iddict | None

Dictionary of event labels (e.g. ‘aud_l’) as keys and their associated event_id values. Labels are used to plot a legend. If None, no legend is drawn.

axesinstance of Axes

The subplot handle.


Use equal spacing between events in y-axis.


Show figure if True.


Can be 'raise' (default) to raise an error, 'warn' to emit a warning, or 'ignore' to ignore when event numbers from event_id are missing from events. When numbers from events are missing from event_id they will be ignored and a warning emitted; consider using verbose='error' in this case.

New in version 0.21.

verbosebool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose() and Logging documentation for more). If used, it should be passed as a keyword-argument only.


The figure object containing the plot.


New in version 0.9.0.