mne.viz.plot_head_positions(pos, mode='traces', cmap='viridis', direction='z', show=True, destination=None, info=None, color='k', axes=None)[source]

Plot head positions.

posndarray, shape (n_pos, 10) | list of ndarray

The head position data. Can also be a list to treat as a concatenation of runs.


Can be ‘traces’ (default) to show position and quaternion traces, or ‘field’ to show the position as a vector field over time. The ‘field’ mode requires matplotlib 1.4+.


Colormap to use for the trace plot, default is “viridis”.


Can be any combination of “x”, “y”, or “z” (default: “z”) to show directional axes in “field” mode.


Show figure if True. Defaults to True.

destinationstr | array_like, shape (3,) | None

The destination location for the head, assumed to be in head coordinates. See mne.preprocessing.maxwell_filter() for details.

New in version 0.16.

infoinstance of mne.Info | None

Measurement information. If provided, will be used to show the destination position when destination is None, and for showing the MEG sensors.

New in version 0.16.

colorcolor object

The color to use for lines in mode == 'traces' and quiver arrows in mode == 'field'.

New in version 0.16.

axesarray_like, shape (3, 2)

The matplotlib axes to use. Only used for mode == 'traces'.

New in version 0.16.

figinstance of matplotlib.figure.Figure

The figure.