This is a library for converting existing files into BIDS compatible structure.


We recommend the Anaconda Python distribution. To install mne_bids, you first need to install its dependencies:

$ pip install pandas
$ pip install -U

Then install mne_bids:

$ pip install -U mne-bids

If you do not have admin privileges on the computer, use the --user flag with pip. To upgrade, use the --upgrade flag provided by pip.

To check if everything worked fine, you can do:

$ python -c 'import mne_bids'

and it should not give any error messages.


Currently, we support writing of BIDS datasets for MEG and EEG. Support for iEEG is experimental at the moment.

>>> from mne import io
>>> from mne_bids import write_raw_bids
>>> raw = io.read_raw_fif('my_old_file.fif')
>>> write_raw_bids(raw, 'sub-01_ses-01_run-05', output_path='./bids_dataset')

Reading of BIDS data will also be supported in the next version.

Bug reports

Use the github issue tracker to report bugs.