MNE with CPP#

MNE-CPP is a cross-platform application and algorithm C++ framework for MEG/EEG data acquisition, analysis and visualization. It provides a modular structure with sub-libraries. The MNE-CPP API can be integrated into other stand-alone projects to, e.g. provide full I/O support for the FIF-file format or files generated by the MNE and Freesurfer suite. MNE-CPP’s 3D visualization library is based on the Qt3D module, which provides tools for online data displaying with OpenGL.

MNE-CPP ships with built-in stand-alone applications, some of which are closely connected to well-known MNE-C applications. MNE Browse can be used to inspect and process pre-recorded data. Among others, dipole fitting and the computation of forward solutions have been ported from the MNE-C library, including the same command line interfaces. With MNE Scan the MNE-CPP project provides an application for acquiring and processing MEG/EEG data in real-time. Supported MEG devices include the Elekta Neuromag VectorView and BabyMEG system. Several EEG amplifiers (TMSI Refa, BrainAmp, ANT eegosports, gUSBamp) are supported as well.

For further information please visit the MNE-CPP project pages: