mne.add_reference_channels(inst, ref_channels, copy=True)[source]

Add reference channels to data that consists of all zeros.

Adds reference channels to data that were not included during recording. This is useful when you need to re-reference your data to different channels. These added channels will consist of all zeros.

instinstance of Raw | Epochs | Evoked

Instance of Raw or Epochs with EEG channels and reference channel(s).

ref_channelsstr | list of str

Name of the electrode(s) which served as the reference in the recording. If a name is provided, a corresponding channel is added and its data is set to 0. This is useful for later re-referencing.


Specifies whether the data will be copied (True) or modified in-place (False). Defaults to True.

instinstance of Raw | Epochs | Evoked

Data with added EEG reference channels.

Examples using mne.add_reference_channels