, mrk=None, elp=None, hsp=None, stim='>', slope='-', stimthresh=1, preload=False, stim_code='binary', allow_unknown_format=False, standardize_names=None, verbose=None)[source]

Reader function for Ricoh/KIT conversion to FIF.


Path to the sqd file.

mrkNone | str | array_like, shape (5, 3) | list of str or array_like

Marker points representing the location of the marker coils with respect to the MEG Sensors, or path to a marker file. If list, all of the markers will be averaged together.

elpNone | str | array_like, shape (8, 3)

Digitizer points representing the location of the fiducials and the marker coils with respect to the digitized head shape, or path to a file containing these points.

hspNone | str | array, shape (n_points, 3)

Digitizer head shape points, or path to head shape file. If more than 10,000 points are in the head shape, they are automatically decimated.

stimlist of int | ‘<’ | ‘>’

Channel-value correspondence when converting KIT trigger channels to a Neuromag-style stim channel. For ‘<’, the largest values are assigned to the first channel (default). For ‘>’, the largest values are assigned to the last channel. Can also be specified as a list of trigger channel indexes.

slope‘+’ | ‘-‘

How to interpret values on KIT trigger channels when synthesizing a Neuromag-style stim channel. With ‘+’, a positive slope (low-to-high) is interpreted as an event. With ‘-‘, a negative slope (high-to-low) is interpreted as an event.


The threshold level for accepting voltage changes in KIT trigger channels as a trigger event.

preloadbool or str (default False)

Preload data into memory for data manipulation and faster indexing. If True, the data will be preloaded into memory (fast, requires large amount of memory). If preload is a string, preload is the file name of a memory-mapped file which is used to store the data on the hard drive (slower, requires less memory).

stim_code‘binary’ | ‘channel’

How to decode trigger values from stim channels. ‘binary’ read stim channel events as binary code, ‘channel’ encodes channel number.


Force reading old data that is not officially supported. Alternatively, read and re-save the data with the KIT MEG Laboratory application.


If True (default in 0.21), standardize MEG and EEG channel names to be "MEG ###" and "EEG ###". If False (default in 0.22), native channel names in the file will be used when possible.

verbosebool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose() and Logging documentation for more). If used, it should be passed as a keyword-argument only.

rawinstance of RawKIT

A Raw object containing KIT data.

See also

Documentation of attribute and methods.


If mrk, hsp or elp are array_like inputs, then the numbers in xyz coordinates should be in units of meters.