mne.viz.plot_brain_colorbar(ax, clim, colormap='auto', transparent=True, orientation='vertical', label='Activation', bgcolor='0.5')[source]

Plot a colorbar that corresponds to a brain activation map.

axinstance of Axes

The Axes to plot into.

climstr | dict

Colorbar properties specification. If ‘auto’, set clim automatically based on data percentiles. If dict, should contain:

kind‘value’ | ‘percent’

Flag to specify type of limits.

limslist | np.ndarray | tuple of float, 3 elements

Lower, middle, and upper bounds for colormap.

pos_limslist | np.ndarray | tuple of float, 3 elements

Lower, middle, and upper bound for colormap. Positive values will be mirrored directly across zero during colormap construction to obtain negative control points.


Only one of lims or pos_lims should be provided. Only sequential colormaps should be used with lims, and only divergent colormaps should be used with pos_lims.

colormapstr | np.ndarray of float, shape(n_colors, 3 | 4)

Name of colormap to use or a custom look up table. If array, must be (n x 3) or (n x 4) array for with RGB or RGBA values between 0 and 255.

transparentbool | None

If True: use a linear transparency between fmin and fmid and make values below fmin fully transparent (symmetrically for divergent colormaps). None will choose automatically based on colormap type.


Orientation of the colorbar, can be “vertical” or “horizontal”.


The colorbar label.


The color behind the colorbar (for alpha blending).

cbarinstance of ColorbarBase

The colorbar.


New in version 0.19.

Examples using mne.viz.plot_brain_colorbar