mne.viz.plot_dipole_locations(dipoles, trans=None, subject=None, subjects_dir=None, mode='orthoview', coord_frame='mri', idx='gof', show_all=True, ax=None, block=False, show=True, scale=0.005, color=None, highlight_color='r', fig=None, verbose=None, title=None)[source]

Plot dipole locations.

If mode is set to ‘arrow’ or ‘sphere’, only the location of the first time point of each dipole is shown else use the show_all parameter.

The option mode=’orthoview’ was added in version 0.14.

dipoleslist of instances of Dipole | Dipole

The dipoles to plot.

transdict | None

The mri to head trans. Can be None with mode set to ‘3d’.


The subject name corresponding to FreeSurfer environment variable SUBJECT. Can be None with mode set to ‘3d’.

subjects_dirNone | str

The path to the freesurfer subjects reconstructions. It corresponds to Freesurfer environment variable SUBJECTS_DIR. The default is None.


Can be 'arrow', 'sphere' or 'orthoview'.

New in version 0.19.0.


Coordinate frame to use, ‘head’ or ‘mri’. Defaults to ‘mri’.

New in version 0.14.0.

idxint | ‘gof’ | ‘amplitude’

Index of the initially plotted dipole. Can also be ‘gof’ to plot the dipole with highest goodness of fit value or ‘amplitude’ to plot the dipole with the highest amplitude. The dipoles can also be browsed through using up/down arrow keys or mouse scroll. Defaults to ‘gof’. Only used if mode equals ‘orthoview’.

New in version 0.14.0.


Whether to always plot all the dipoles. If True (default), the active dipole is plotted as a red dot and its location determines the shown MRI slices. The non-active dipoles are plotted as small blue dots. If False, only the active dipole is plotted. Only used if mode='orthoview'.

New in version 0.14.0.

axinstance of matplotlib Axes3D | None

Axes to plot into. If None (default), axes will be created. Only used if mode equals ‘orthoview’.

New in version 0.14.0.


Whether to halt program execution until the figure is closed. Defaults to False. Only used if mode equals ‘orthoview’.

New in version 0.14.0.


Show figure if True. Defaults to True. Only used if mode equals ‘orthoview’.


The scale of the dipoles if mode is ‘arrow’ or ‘sphere’.


The color of the dipoles. The default (None) will use 'y' if mode is 'orthoview' and show_all is True, else ‘r’.

Changed in version 0.19.0: Color is now passed in orthoview mode.


The highlight color. Only used in orthoview mode with show_all=True.

New in version 0.19.0.

figmayavi.mlab.Figure | None

3D Scene in which to plot the alignment. If None, creates a new 600x600 pixel figure with black background.

New in version 0.19.0.

verbosebool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose() and Logging documentation for more). If used, it should be passed as a keyword-argument only.

titlestr | None

The title of the figure if mode='orthoview' (ignored for all other modes). If None, dipole number and its properties (amplitude, orientation etc.) will be shown. Defaults to None.

New in version 0.21.0.

figinstance of mayavi.mlab.Figure or matplotlib.figure.Figure

The mayavi figure or matplotlib Figure.


New in version 0.9.0.