Open-source Python package for exploring, visualizing, and analyzing human neurophysiological data: MEG, EEG, sEEG, ECoG, NIRS, and more.

Direct financial support

  • National Institutes of Health: R01-EB009048, EB009048, EB006385, HD40712, NS44319, NS37462, NS104585, P41-EB015896, RR14075-06
  • US National Science Foundation: 0958669, 1042134
  • European Research Council: YStG-263584, 676943
  • US Department of Energy: DE-FG02-99ER62764 (MIND)
  • Agence Nationale de la Recherche: 14-NEUC-0002-01
    IDEX Paris-Saclay, 11-IDEX-0003-02
  • Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science: PARIS-SACLAY
  • Google: Summer of code (×6)
  • Amazon: AWS Research Grants
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: Essential Open Source Software for Science