mne.simulation.add_noise(inst, cov, iir_filter=None, random_state=None, verbose=None)[source]

Create noise as a multivariate Gaussian.

The spatial covariance of the noise is given from the cov matrix.

instinstance of Evoked, Epochs, or Raw

Instance to which to add noise.

covinstance of Covariance

The noise covariance.

iir_filterNone | array_like

IIR filter coefficients (denominator).

random_stateNone | int | instance of RandomState

If random_state is an int, it will be used as a seed for RandomState. If None, the seed will be obtained from the operating system (see RandomState for details). Default is None.

verbosebool, str, int, or None

If not None, override default verbose level (see mne.verbose() and Logging documentation for more). If used, it should be passed as a keyword-argument only.

instinstance of Evoked, Epochs, or Raw

The instance, modified to have additional noise.


Only channels in both['ch_names'] and cov['names'] will have noise added to them.

This function operates inplace on inst.

New in version 0.18.0.