MNE-BIDS is included in the official MNE-Python installers.

If you want to install MNE-BIDS manually instead, please continue reading.



  • mne (>=1.4)

  • numpy (>=1.20.2)

  • scipy (>=1.6.3)


  • nibabel (>=3.2.1, for processing MRI data)

  • pybv (>=0.7.5, for writing BrainVision data)

  • eeglabio (>=0.0.2, for writing EEGLAB data)

  • pymatreader (>=0.0.30, for other operations with EEGLAB data)

  • matplotlib (>=3.4.0, for using the interactive data inspector)

  • pandas (>=1.2.4, for generating event statistics)

  • EDFlib-Python (>=1.0.6, for writing EDF data)

We recommend installing mne-bids into an isolated Python environment, for example created via conda (may be obtained through miniconda). We require that you use Python 3.8 or higher. You may choose to install mne-bids into your isolated Python environment via pip or via conda.

Installation via pip#

To install MNE-BIDS including all dependencies required to use all features, simply run:

pip install --upgrade mne-bids[full]

This pip command will also work if you want to upgrade if a newer version of MNE-BIDS is available.

If you don’t require advanced features like interactive visual data inspection, you may also install a basic version of MNE-BIDS via

pip install --upgrade mne-bids

If you want to install a snapshot of the current development version, run:

pip install --upgrade git+

To check if everything worked fine, the following command should print a version number and not give any error messages:

python -c 'import mne_bids; print(mne_bids.__version__)'

MNE-BIDS works best with the latest stable release of MNE-Python (the mne package). To ensure MNE-Python is up-to-date, follow the MNE-Python installation instructions.

Installation via conda#

If you have followed the MNE-Python installation instructions, all that’s left to do is to install MNE-BIDS without its dependencies, as they’ve already been installed during the MNE-Python installation process.

Activate the correct conda environment and install mne-bids:

conda activate mne
conda install --channel conda-forge --no-deps mne-bids

This approach ensures that the installation of MNE-BIDS doesn’t alter any other packages in your existing conda environment.

Alternatively, you may wish to take advantage of the fact that the mne-bids package on conda-forge in fact depends on mne, meaning that a “full” installation of mne-bids (i.e., including its dependencies) will provide you with a working copy of of both mne and mne-bids at once:

conda create --name mne --channel conda-forge mne-bids

After activating the environment, you should be ready to use MNE-BIDS:

conda activate mne
python -c 'import mne_bids; print(mne_bids.__version__)'