mne_connectivity.select_order(X, maxlags=None)[source]#

Compute lag order selections based on information criterion.

Selects a lag order based on each of the available information criteria.


X : np.ndarray, shape (n_times, n_channels)

Endogenous variable, that predicts the exogenous.

maxlags : int

The maximum number of lags to check. Will then check from 1 to maxlags. If None, defaults to 12 * (n_times / 100.)**(1./4).


selected_orders : dict

The selected orders based on the following information criterion. * aic : Akaike * fpe : Final prediction error * hqic : Hannan-Quinn * bic : Bayesian a.k.a. Schwarz

The selected order is then stored as the value.