mne_connectivity.viz.plot_sensors_connectivity(info, con, picks=None, cbar_label='Connectivity')[source]#

Visualize the sensor connectivity in 3D.


info : dict | None

The measurement info.

con : array, shape (n_channels, n_channels) | Connectivity

The computed connectivity measure(s).

picks : str | list | slice | None

Channels to include. Slices and lists of integers will be interpreted as channel indices. In lists, channel type strings (e.g., ['meg', 'eeg']) will pick channels of those types, channel name strings (e.g., ['MEG0111', 'MEG2623'] will pick the given channels. Can also be the string values “all” to pick all channels, or “data” to pick data channels. None (default) will pick good data channels. Note that channels in info['bads'] will be included if their names or indices are explicitly provided. Indices of selected channels.

cbar_label : str

Label for the colorbar.


fig : instance of Renderer

The 3D figure.