Version 0.2 (2011-11-08)#


  • New stats functions for FDR correction and Bonferroni by Alex Gramfort.

  • Faster time-frequency using downsampling trick by Alex Gramfort.

  • Support for volume source spaces by Alex Gramfort (requires next MNE release or nightly).

  • Improved Epochs handling by Martin Luessi (slicing, drop_bad_epochs).

  • Bug fix in Epochs + ECG detection by Manfred Kitzbichler.

  • New pick_types_evoked function by Alex Gramfort.

  • SourceEstimate now supports algebra by Alex Gramfort.

API changes summary#

Here are the code migration instructions when upgrading from mne-python version 0.1:

  • New return values for the function find_ecg_events


The committer list for this release is the following (preceded by number of commits):

  • 33 Alexandre Gramfort

  • 12 Martin Luessi

  • 2 Yaroslav Halchenko

  • 1 Manfred Kitzbichler