1.7.1 (2024-06-14)#



  • Clemens Brunner

  • Thomas Binns

1.7.0 (2024-04-19)#

Notable changes#

  • In this version, we started adding type hints (also known as “type annotations”) to select parts of the codebase. This meta information will be used by development environments (IDEs) like VS Code and PyCharm automatically to provide better assistance such as tab completion or error detection even before running your code.

    So far, we’ve only added return type hints to mne.io.read_raw(), mne.read_epochs(), mne.read_evokeds() and all format-specific read_raw_*() and read_epochs_*() functions. Now your editors will know: these functions return evoked and raw data, respectively. We are planning add type hints to more functions after careful evaluation in the future.

    You don’t need to do anything to benefit from these changes – your editor will pick them up automatically and provide the enhanced experience if it supports it! (#12250)


  • defusedxml is now an optional (rather than required) dependency and needed when reading EGI-MFF data, NEDF data, and BrainVision montages, by Eric Larson. (#12264)

  • For developers, pytest>=8.0 is now required for running unit tests, by Eric Larson. (#12376)

  • pytest-harvest is no longer used as a test dependency, by Eric Larson. (#12451)

  • The minimum supported version of Qt bindings is 5.15, by Eric Larson. (#12491)


API changes by deprecation#

New features#

Other changes#


  • Alex Rockhill

  • Alexander Kiefer+

  • Alexandre Gramfort

  • Britta Westner

  • Carina Forster

  • Clemens Brunner

  • Daniel McCloy

  • Dominik Welke

  • Eric Larson

  • Erkka Heinila

  • Florian Hofer

  • Hamza Abdelhedi

  • Hasrat Ali Arzoo+

  • Ivo de Jong+

  • Jacob Woessner

  • Judy D Zhu

  • Kristijan Armeni

  • Liberty Hamilton

  • Marijn van Vliet

  • Martin Oberg+

  • Mathieu Scheltienne

  • Michiru Kaneda

  • Motofumi Fushimi+

  • Nabil Alibou+

  • Nikolai Kapralov+

  • Peter J. Molfese

  • Richard Höchenberger

  • Richard Scholz+

  • Scott Huberty

  • Seyed (Yahya) Shirazi+

  • Sophie Herbst

  • Stefan Appelhoff

  • Thomas Donoghue

  • Thomas Samuel Binns

  • Tristan Stenner

  • Velu Prabhakar Kumaravel+

  • Will Turner+

  • btkcodedev+