Version 0.4 (2012-08-24)#


  • Add function to compute source PSD using minimum norm by Alex Gramfort

  • L21 Mixed Norm Estimates (MxNE) by Alex Gramfort and Daniel Strohmeier

  • Generation of simulated evoked responses by Alex Gramfort, Daniel Strohmeier, and Martin Luessi

  • Fit AR models to raw data for temporal whitening by Alex Gramfort.

  • speedup + reduce memory of mne.morph_data by Alex Gramfort.

  • Backporting scipy.signal.firwin2 so filtering works with old scipy by Alex Gramfort.

  • LCMV Beamformer for evoked data, single trials, and raw data by Alex Gramfort and Martin Luessi.

  • Add support for reading named channel selections by Martin Luessi.

  • Add Raw.filter method to more easily band pass data by Alex Gramfort.

  • Add tmin + tmax parameters in mne.compute_covariance to estimate noise covariance in epochs baseline without creating new epochs by Alex Gramfort.

  • Add support for sLORETA in apply_inverse, apply_inverse_raw, apply_inverse_epochs (API Change) by Alex Gramfort.

  • Add method to regularize a noise covariance by Alex Gramfort.

  • Read and write measurement info in forward and inverse operators for interactive visualization in mne_analyze by Alex Gramfort.

  • New and scripts to estimate ECG/EOG PCA/SSP vectors by Alex Gramfort and Martin Luessi.

  • Wrapper function and script ( for Elekta Neuromag MaxFilter(TM) by Martin Luessi

  • Add method to eliminate stimulation artifacts from raw data by linear interpolation or windowing by Daniel Strohmeier.


The committer list for this release is the following (preceded by number of commits):

  • 118 Alexandre Gramfort

  • 81 Martin Luessi

  • 15 Daniel Strohmeier

  • 4 Christian Brodbeck

  • 4 Louis Thibault

  • 2 Brad Buran