Version 0.3 (2012-03-23)#


  • Sign flip computation for robust label average of signed values by Alex Gramfort.

  • Reading and writing of .w files by Martin Luessi.

  • Support for modifying Raw object and allow raw data preloading with memory mapping by Martin Luessi and Alex Gramfort.

  • Support of arithmetic of Evoked data (useful to concatenate between runs and compute contrasts) by Alex Gramfort.

  • Support for computing sensor space data from a source estimate using an MNE forward solution by Martin Luessi.

  • Support of arithmetic of Covariance by Alex Gramfort.

  • Write BEM surfaces in Python by Alex Gramfort.

  • Filtering operations and apply_function interface for Raw object by Martin Luessi.

  • Support for complex valued raw fiff files and computation of analytic signal for Raw object by Martin Luessi.

  • Write inverse operators (surface and volume) by Alex Gramfort.

  • Covariance matrix computation with multiple event types by Martin Luessi.

  • New tutorial in the documentation and new classes and functions reference page by Alex Gramfort.


The committer list for this release is the following (preceded by number of commits):

  • 80 Alexandre Gramfort

  • 51 Martin Luessi