Version 0.6 (2013-06-15)#



  • Deprecated use of fiff.pick_types without specifying exclude – use either [] (none), bads (bad channels), or a list of string (channel names).

  • Depth bias correction in dSPM/MNE/sLORETA make_inverse_operator is now done like in the C code using only gradiometers if present, else magnetometers, and EEG if no MEG channels are present.

  • Fixed-orientation inverse solutions need to be made using fixed=True option (using non-surface-oriented forward solutions if no depth weighting is used) to maintain compatibility with MNE C code.

  • will only overwrite the destination file, if it exists, if option overwrite=True is set.

  • mne.utils.set_config(), get_config(), get_config_path() moved to mne namespace.

  • Raw constructor argument proj_active deprecated – use proj argument instead.

  • Functions from the mne.mixed_norm module have been moved to the mne.inverse_sparse module.

  • Deprecate CTF compensation (keep_comp and dest_comp) in Epochs and move it to Raw with a single compensation parameter.

  • Remove artifacts module. Artifacts- and preprocessing related functions can now be found in mne.preprocessing.


The committer list for this release is the following (preceded by number of commits):

  • 340 Eric Larson

  • 330 Denis A. Engemann

  • 204 Alexandre Gramfort

  • 72 Christian Brodbeck

  • 66 Roman Goj

  • 65 Martin Luessi

  • 37 Teon Brooks

  • 18 Mainak Jas

  • 9 Simon Kornblith

  • 7 Daniel Strohmeier

  • 6 Romain Trachel

  • 5 Yousra BEKHTI

  • 5 Brad Buran

  • 1 Andrew Dykstra

  • 1 Christoph Dinh